Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage: We Need Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes, Not Just More Evidence on Cost-Effectiveness

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2016;5(x):x–x. doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2016.83 Abstract / Resumen: Priority setting of health interventions is generally considered as a valuable approach to support low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in their strive for universal health coverage (UHC). However, present initiatives on priority setting are mainly geared towards the development of more cost-effectiveness information, and this evidence […]

Equity List Survey Results

On behalf of Area of Knowledge Management, Bioethics and Research (KBR – PAHO/WHO), we would like to thank Equity List (Lista Equidad) members for taking the time to complete the survey. We are happy to say that we received valuable feedback from the survey that will help us continue to provide information that is both relevant […]

The Case for Environment in All Policies: Lessons from the Health in All Policies Approach in Public Health

Environ Health Perspect; 2016 Published online: 28 June 2016 (advance publication). Abstract / Resumen: Background: Both public health, and the health of the natural environment, are affected by policy decisions made across portfolios as diverse as finance, planning, transport, housing, education and agriculture. A response to the interdependent character of public health has been the Health […]

How to improve collaboration between the public health sector and other policy sectors to reduce health inequalities? – A study in sixteen municipalities in the Netherlands

International Journal for Equity in Health. 201615:97 Published online: June 2016 Abstract / Resumen: Background: The causes of health inequalities are complex. For the reduction of health inequalities, intersectoral collaboration between the public health sector and both social policy sectors (e.g. youth affairs, education) and physical policy sectors (e.g. housing, spatial planning) is essential, but in […]


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Health Topics X Countries Integration with other networks Themes and Regional Focuses – Dec/2015

Health Topics X Countries

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Infographic – Integration with other networks

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Bridging the gaps: a global review of intersections of violence against women and violence against children

Global Health Action, vol 9 (2016) Published online: 20 June 2016 Abstract / Resumen: Background: The international community recognises violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC) as global human rights and public health problems. Historically, research, programmes, and policies on these forms of violence followed parallel but distinct trajectories. Some have called for efforts […]

Comment – Transgender health: an opportunity for global health equity

The Lancet, June 2016 Published online: 17 June 2016 Abstract / Resumen: The Lancet is publishing its first Series on transgender health. Transgender people live in all countries, but their acceptance by communities and freedom to live with their chosen gender identity or expression varies according to culture and society. This Series, led by Sam Winter […]

Survey to assess the impact of the Equity List (Lista Equidad)

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English Dear Equity List (Lista Equidad) member, We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation in the Equity List (Lista Equidad). Ever since the list was created 16 years ago (February 2000), we have been striving to meet the needs of our growing community of subscribers. We’d like to take the opportunity […]