Socioeconomic inequalities and mortality trends in BRICS, 1990–2010

Oscar J Mújica, Enrique Vázquez, Elisabeth C Duarte, Juan J Cortez-Escalante, Joaquin Molina & Jarbas Barbosa da Silva.
Bulletin of the World Health Organization.
Volume 92, Number 6, June 2014.

Abstract / Resumen:

Objective: To explore the presence and magnitude of – and change in – socioeconomic and health inequalities between and within Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa – the countries known as BRICS – between 1990 and 2010.

Methods: Comparable data on socioeconomic and health indicators, at both country and primary sub national levels, were obtained from publicly available sources. Health inequalities between and within countries were identified and summarized by using standard gap and gradient metrics.

Keywords / Palabras clave:
health inequalities , health indicators

How to obtain this article / Como obtener el artículo:

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