Sex and gender matter in health research: addressing health inequities in health research reporting

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Jacqueline Gahaganl, Kimberly Gray, Ardath Whynacht
International Journal for Equity in Health, 2015, 14:12 Indexed by BioMed Central
Published online: 31 Januray 2015

Abstract / Resumen: Attention to the concepts of `sex’ and `gender’ is increasingly being recognized as contributing to better science through an augmented understanding of how these factors impact on health inequities and related health outcomes. However, the ongoing lack of conceptual clarity in how sex and gender constructs are used in both the design and reporting of health research studies remains problematic. Conceptual clarity among members of the health research community is central to ensuring the appropriate use of these concepts in a manner that can advance our understanding of the sex- and gender-based health implications of our research findings. During the past twenty-five years much progress has been made in reducing both sex and gender disparities in clinical research and, to a significant albeit lesser extent, in basic science research. Why, then, does there remain a lack of uptake of sex- and gender-specific reporting of health research findings in many health research journals? This question, we argue, has significant health equity implications across all pillars of health research, from biomedical and clinical research, through to health systems and population health.

Keywords / Palabras clave: Sex and Gender, Health Equity, Methodology, Knowledge Dissemination.

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