Call for Solutions- sparking population health solutions, 2016 : Demande de solutions – provoquer des solutions pour la santé des populations

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The CIHR-Institute of Population and Public Health

Contribution of our members. Thank you!


Deadline for submission / Date limite de soumission / Fecha límite para sumisión:  24 September  2015


Overview/ Informations Générales / Información General:

The CIHR-IPPH is pleased to announce the launch of our Call for Solutions for the Sparking Population Health Solutions 2016 International Summit.  The Summit aims to:

·         Catalyze dialogue about what policies and programs in health and other sectors work to improve population health status and health equity in Canada and globally;

·         Ignite new collaborative and interdisciplinary relationships by networking researchers, decision-makers, and research funders;

·         Debate how population health intervention research (PHIR) can add value to research, policy and practice;

·         Stimulate review and publication of manuscripts arising from the Summit; and,   

·         Accelerate a forward-looking research agenda by identifying ‘catalytic questions’ for where the field of population health and health equity research, including PHIR, needs to go next.


Call for Solutions / Appel de solutions / Detalles para la sumisión:

At this summit we are seeking a solutions-oriented dialogue and are inviting submissions that respond to one or more of the six questions below. In up to a maximum of 400 words you must describe:

·         How your submission delivers insight and contributes knowledge to answer the selected question(s).

·         The methods, including any underpinning conceptual or theoretical framework.

·         The evidence gaps and unanswered questions that remain.

·         The research, policy, and/or practice actions that should be taken as a result of your findings.

Across all questions below, we encourage attention to the following:

Public and citizen engagement in public health research: Presentations that attend to the role of the public and citizens in engaging in research, including how to improve engagement of the public in influencing population health and related research agendas.

Theories and methods: Presentations that provide examples of theoretical and methodological innovations for how we think about population health solutions and extend the existing methodological and theoretical toolbox to include a range of research designs, including mixed methods.

The full spectrum of policy research: Presentations across the full spectrum of policy research, from issue framing and how policies agendas are set (or re-set), processes for generating policy options at the systems level, implementation (or mis-implementation) of policy and how to understand these processes, and their evaluation – measuring the right things in the policy process.


Further information / plus d’informations / Informaciones adicionales: click here.

About the Event / À propos de l’événement / Acerca del Evento :

What: Sparking Population Health Solutions 2016:

Where: Shaw Centre Ottawa – Ottawa, Canada

When: 25-26 April 2016



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