Bioethics Special Issue The Social Value of Research: Conflicts between science, society, and individuals

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Bioethics Special Issue
Publication date: April 2016

Deadline for submission / Fecha límite para sumisión2 November 2015


Overview Información general:

The Editors of Bioethics are pleased to announce a special issue in 2016 on the social value of research. Social value is widely accepted, but rarely questioned as a benchmark of ethical research. International and national research ethics guidelines and regulations presume that the value of research to society is critically important for selecting study populations, justifying risk imposition, and determining the acceptable level of net risk. Yet, there is a limited amount of scholarship exploring what the “social value requirement” entails or what its normative status should be in research ethics.

Topics of interest for submission Temas de interés para la sumisión:

Questions include but are not limited to:

  • What makes research socially valuable?
  • How does the social value of research relate to its scientific value?
  • Does the social value of research pertain to the potential value of study interventions, research studies or research programs?
  • Is social value a necessary requirement for ethical research?
  • Should social value be considered as a threshold condition for research to proceed, or should a given project’s social value be reasonable in relation to other considerations, such as the risks to participants?
  • Are there different types of social value that have more or less moral weight?
  • How should the inherent uncertainty about research outcomes be factored into social value judgments?
  • Should social value judgments reflect both the potential positive and negative social value of research? If so, how should the two be balanced?
  • When conducting research in low- and middle-income countries or with vulnerable populations, is social value for the study population necessary? Or is social value for the study population a universal requirement for research?
  • Who should make judgments about the social value of research?

Further information and How to sumbit your abstractInformación adicional y Como someter su resumen: click here.

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