A research utilisation framework for informing global health and development policies and programmes

Authors: Christine Kim, Rose Wilcher, Tricia Petruney, Kirsten Krueger, Leigh Wynne, Trinity Zan
Source: Health Research Policy and System, 2018
Published online: 9 February 2018

Abstract / Resumen

A shift in the culture and practice of health and development research is required to maximise the real-world use of evidence by non-academic or non-research-oriented audiences. Many frameworks have been developed to guide and measure the research utilisation process, yet none have been widely applied. Some frameworks are simplified to an unrealistic linear representation while others are rendered overly complex and unusable in an attempt to capture all aspects of the research utilisation process. Additionally, many research utilisation frameworks have focused on the policy development process or within a clinical setting, with less application of the translation process at the programme level. In response to this gap – and drawing from over a decade of experience implementing research utilisation strategies – we developed a simple, four-phase framework to guide global health and development efforts that seek to apply evidence to policies and programmes. We present a detailed description of each phase in our framework, with examples of its relevance and application illustrated through our own case study experiences in global health. We believe the utility of this framework extends beyond the health sector and is relevant for maximising use of evidence to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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    I think it is very important to be aware of the developments and innovations at the level of health research.

    1. Editor Equity/Equidad Post author

      Dear Henry and Muniyandi, thank you for your comment as we hope to disseminate valuable information for our subscribers. We do believe that the use of evidence, methodologies to deliver more efficient policies and programs to the countries/territories are a key element to achieve the goal of an Universal Health Coverage and the SGD. More and more the concept of Global Health is a reality and alongside with is, we also need to pursuit the knowledge sharing, best practices and innovations that are being implemented in many countries.
      From the Equity list moderator.

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