About this blog

The EQUITY Blog purpose is to share public health information of international significance with contents related to the priority issues on Health and Human Development.

The main topics connect equity and its implications of reduction of inequalities in health, poverty reduction, universal health coverage, ethics, gender and the social determinants of health, and their applications to developing countries, and their relevance to policy and program instruments.

The information is posted in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese, according to the language of the source.

Currently, the Equity, Health and Human Development network, comprises over 30,000 core recipients (public health professionals, researchers, authors, economists, policymakers, etc.) and connected to multiple global networks, reaching more than 165 countries. The posts published in this blog are also disseminated through the PAHO/WHO distribution list equidad@listserv.paho.org (learn how to join at http://listserv.paho.org/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=equidad&A=1).