Strengthening Rights and Equity through Health Diplomacy: The role of UNASUR

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PRARI – Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration = RePIR – Reducción de la Pobreza e Integración Regional

Published: January 2015


This brief closely looks at the role that regional entities (with emphasis on the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)) can play in advancing health equity for citizens living in member states. It looks at how UNASUR has been active in fostering health equity through health diplomacy not only within South America but also within international bodies. The experiences of UNASUR have been informed by a sharp sense of engagement of national stakeholders including activists and policy makers involved in working groups that operate across state lines. While it is true that specificities matter, there are definitely best practices that can be shared between regional entities and other actors in advancing health equity.

KeywordsPalabras claveEquity in Health; Health Diplomacy

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Contribution of María Belén Herrero (FLACSO Argentina), Investigadora en el Área de Relaciones Internacionales de FLACSO Argentina en el Proyecto PRARI/RePIR,

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