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Moving toward the universal health coverage: A strategy to expedite health equity

Journal of Medical Society, 2016, 30 (1): 70-71
Published online: 5 February 2016

9th Annual Health Disparities Institute

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, University of the Virgin Islands, School of Nursing

Healthy Ageing: Raising Awareness of Inequalities, Determinants, and What Could Be Done to Improve Health Equity

Ritu Sadana, Erik Blas, Suman Budhwani, Theadora Koller, Guillermo Paraje Gerontologist, 2016, Vol. 56, No. S2, S178–S193 Published online: January 2016 Abstract / Resumen: Purpose of the Study: Social and scientific discourses on healthy ageing and on health equity are increasingly available, yet from a global perspective limited conceptual and analytical work connecting both has […]

2016 Global School Health Rights Litigation course

When: 11-13 June 2016
Where: Georgetown University Law Center. Washington, DC

¿Atención a la salud o la enfermedad? Restableciendo el equilibrio

Julio Frenk, Octavio Gómez-Dantés Salud Pública de México, v. 58, n. 1, p. 84b-88b, ene. 2016. Published online: Feb 2016 Abstract / Resumen: En este ensayo se discute la necesidad de restablecer el equilibrio entre la promoción de la salud y la atención a la enfermedad con el fin de enfrentar los retos del siglo […]

Enhancing evidence informed policymaking in complex health systems: lessons from multi-site collaborative approaches

Health Research Policy and Systems 14 (2016): 20
Published online: 17 March 2016

Cuarto Simposio Mundial de Investigación sobre Sistemas de Salud

Where: Vancouver, Canada
When: on 14-18 November 2016

Moving global health forward in academic institutions

J Glob Health. 2016 Jun; 6(1): 010409
Published online: 20 February 2016

Addressing sex and gender inequities in scientific research and publishing

Addiction, 2016
Published online: 26 February 2016

Planning, monitoring and evaluation: Framework for research capacity strengthening

Revision 2016 ESSENCE Good practice document series Published online: 24 February 2016 Overview / Visión general: The ESSENCE on Health Research collaboration has released their updated publication, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for research capacity strengthening. The framework was used at the Research Impact Assessment workshop of the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association […]