General contributions criteria

We welcome our valuable members contributions to the Equity List (Lista Equidad) and the Portal/Blog!

All submissions are revised. While we cannot promise to publish them all, we will respond and suggest alternatives to them if the Equity List (Lista Equidad) is not the best vehicle to disseminate the submitted information.

The general criteria to submit a contribution are:

1. Thematic coverage. The content should deal with the main subjects of the List and Blog and have broad relevance to the improvement of health equity, efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency and quality of health services and systems.

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2. Type of information published. We publish mainly scientific articles, executive reports, call for papers, call for grants, publications, policy briefs, and events – as long as they are strictly related to the main topics of the List. In case of quantitative/qualitative studies should demonstrate the development or application of appropriate research methods that justify confidence in the reliability and validity of the findings.

3. Languages. We welcome contributions in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French (the official languages for the Region of Americas). Also we appreciate the contributions as sent in more than one language.

4. Publication date. We strive to publish up-to-date contents, particularly those published in print or online not later than 3 months.

5. Respecting the original source of the content. as a best practice, we use links that lead the reader to the original source of the content instead of attaching documents in the Portal/Blog and Lista Equidad. A shortened link management platform is used to track the impact of all the shared contents. It also allows us to send a brief report to the contributor if the suggestion is released.

As the contribution is approved, the message is going to be edited by moderator of the Portal/Blog and Lista Equidad into the proper House Style.